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Re: Kshisen & Kapman taking at least 5 seconds for each move

   Dear Debian:

On 03/02/12 11:42, Sian Mountbatten wrote:
when I play kshisen, I have to
wait at least 5 seconds for the game to remove a pair of tiles.

It's not just Kshisen (my version is showing the same behavior). Kapman pauses for perhaps five seconds at every significant event (eating a power pill, chomping a ghost), and some not so significant (starting to eat dots after a stretch of clear corridor).

They started misbehaving at the same time, about ten days ago. I'm following unstable, and dist-upgrade every night. When I boot into my stable installation (2.6.32) all is well.

Given the lack of response to this thread, I wonder whether it's just me and thee...

	Best wishes,

		Max Hyre

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