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Re: Network-manager woes (wifi)


I have a selfmade working network connection now for many, many years. The 
files /etc/network/onterfaces and /etc/resolv.conf are manually edited by me.

In earlier times resolv.conf was a link to somewhere, but I forgot, to where. 
It is now a static file. 

But now I want to test, how Networkmanager is working. So, what is the best 
debian way to get a fresh file "interfaces". Which entries are containing in 
interfaces as default? I am using eth0 and wlan0 at the moment.

I have Networkmanager already installed, but changed nothing in its config. 

If Networkmanager will fail, of course I can restore resolv.conf and 
interfaces at every time.

Maybe someone already has unconfigured files and might send them to me or just 
take a look.

Thank you very much!



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