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Re: Network-manager woes (wifi)

Hans-J. Ullrich wrote:
> I have a selfmade working network connection now for many, many years. The 
> files /etc/network/onterfaces and /etc/resolv.conf are manually edited by me.

Sounds good.

> In earlier times resolv.conf was a link to somewhere, but I forgot, to where. 
> It is now a static file. 

If 'resolvconf' is installed then it manages /etc/resolv.conf.
Removing resolvconf restores the previous file.

> But now I want to test, how Networkmanager is working. So, what is the best 
> debian way to get a fresh file "interfaces".

The /etc/network/interfaces file is the configuration file for
ifupdown.  If you want NetworkManager to manage an interface then
remove that interface from /etc/network/interfaces.

A minimum file would contain only the loopback device.

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

That is it.  Nothing else.  That will set up the loopback device but
not configure any other device.  Since other devices are not listed
they will be configured by either NetworkManager or wicd whichever is

> Which entries are containing in interfaces as default? I am using
> eth0 and wlan0 at the moment.

If NetworkManager is installed then by default /etc/network/interfaces
will not contain any interfaces other than "lo".


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