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Re: CUPS on Sid printing blank sheets

On Sun 26 Feb 2012 at 18:20:25 -0600, Nate Bargmann wrote:

> I suspect that if this update hits Testing that many more users will
> be impacted.  I know that I will have to put CUPS on my laptop in Hold
> status just so I have a machine to print from should it migrate to
> Testing in its current state.

Quite possibly. But that's the nature of Testing, isn't it? Preventing
packages in a good state (like CUPS) from migrating there defeats its

As to your problem: you could pursue Camaleón's suggestion and find the
last CUPS package which works for you. The changelog for the following
version might give you something to base debugging on. Not that I'd envy
your doing this; there have been quite a few important changes in CUPS
recently including, but not confined to, a new upstrem version.

Changing the ppd is another, simpler option. Your printer supports PCL 6
so under Generic there are quite a few to try. Using 'lp -d' is also an
alternative to printing through Iceweasel.

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