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Re: Firefox and PDF incompatibility

On Fri, 17 Feb 2012 12:22:35 +0100, Merciadri Luca wrote:

> When opening PDFs documents in Firefox (e.g. by clicking on a PDF link
> in a webpage), it sometimes happens to my Firefox to stuck when loading
> the PDF. The PDF seems to be completely downloaded, but does not load in
> the acrobat plug-in. However, Firefox is still stable and responds
> correctly in other tabs.

Yes, that's a long time known issue :-(

> It looks like there's some issue with the Firefox-acrobat reader plugin.
> I noticed this on other computers running Linux and Firefox, even on
> different distros and acroread versions.
> I am running Firefox 10.0.1., but have got the same problem on Firefox
> 10.0. I am running acroread 9.0 but tried with other versions as well.

I guess you should now be now running 10.0.2 :-)

Well, for your problem, it is known that Acrobat plugin does not work 
very well in linux (and if you ask me, I'd tell neither it does on 
windows...) so what I usually do is:

a/ Using Evince (or another PDF viewer of your liking), that works like a 
charm :-)

b/ Should I need to use Acrobat Reader, do not use the plugin, just tell 
Firefox to open the PDF file separately, not embedded within the browser.



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