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Re: Simultaneous desktop environments (Gnome and xfce) in two X server sessions.

Tony Baldwin wrote:
On Tue, Feb 21, 2012 at 07:28:44AM -0600, hvw59601 wrote:
yudi v wrote:
Hi all,

I am trying to get gnome (default in tty7) and xfce (in tty1) to run
at the sametime.
I got as far as launching another x server session and xfce4 with the
following command:

startx startxfce4 -- :1

There are couple of issues I am trying to resolve:

1. when I switch back to tty7 X server session in tty1 terminates. How
to fix this?

2. all the start-up applications under Gnome also start in xfce, how
can I completely separate the environments. I would like to keep them
as independent as possible.

I'm just curious, after looking at this thread (but haven't tried).
Could one not start a first X session in one tty, then go to another (ctrol-alt-#) and login as another user and start a
different X session?
You know, gnu/linux being a multi-user OS and all.
Isn't that kind of how a terminal server works, sort of?
The OP didn't, I think, specify that he wants two X sessions with the
same user.

Works like a charm: one user VT7 other user VT8. If you get rid of consolekit those numbers don't change. But how much nicer it would be if Linux would be truly multiseat: each user his own monitor/keybd/mouse.

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