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Re: Convert mp3 enbulk

Bob Proulx <bob@proulx.com> wrote:
> I have the opposite problem.  Everything I have is in ogg format.  But
> sometimes I want to play on a device that doesn't understand ogg and
> can only play mp3 format.

Likewise. I have a script that contains a loop around what amounts to
three commands:

    oggdec -o "$WAV" "$OGG"
    lame -h -V 2 -vbr-new "$WAV" "$MP3"
    rm -f "$WAV"

Commands to get from mp3 to ogg have already been posted so I won't
repeat those here.

> Unfortunately the tags don't transfer one to one.  Have you looked at
> the tags available (or that you have used, or not used) in your mp3
> files?  And then look at the tags available in ogg format.  It isn't a
> one-to-one lineup.

The tags I have found particularly relevant to my (Android) player are
fairly limited. I have a couple of code chunks that apply the relevant
tags, like this:

    # MP3
    echo "Tagging '$FILE' as '$SONG' (mp3)"
    id3v2 --album "$ALBUM" --song "$SONG" "$FILE"
    test -n "$ARTIST" && id3v2 --artist "$ARTIST" "$FILE"
    test -n "$TRNO" && id3v2 --track "$TRNO" "$FILE"

    # OGG
    echo "Tagging '$FILE' as '$SONG' (ogg)"
    vorbiscomment -w -t ALBUM="$ALBUM" -t TITLE="$SONG" "$FILE"
    test -n "$ARTIST" && vorbiscomment -a -t ARTIST="$ARTIST" "$FILE"
    test -n "$TRNO" && vorbiscomment -a -t TRACKNUMBER="$TRNO" "$FILE"

The track number parameter is deceptively important.

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