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Re: Maintaining/resting gnome settings

T o n g <mlist4suntong@yahoo.com> wrote:
>My wife uses gnome, but the problem is that her gnome settings goes 
>berserk every now and then. It won't be long for her to find out this is 
>not working as expect, then that is not working as expect. I use fluxbox 
>instead of DM, so I don't know gnome well. So all I can do is to remove 
>any files/directories under her home dir that vaguely seems to be gnome 
>Now she found that she couldn't open .rar files any more. I tested under 
>my gnome, and it works fine for me. Problem is, I just removed all her 
>gnome setting related files/directories only about a month ago, and now I 
>have to do find/delete/re-config again. 
>I really have enough now, and am seeking real solutions. 
>How can I keep just what I configured under home, instead of having 
>several humongous gnome configuration files/directories under home.
>Please help. Any tip appreciated. 

How about making a little script? Gnome related configuration files
(Gnome 2.30) can usually be found here:


maybe also


So you can either make a script that removes these directories and
puts the backup in place, or, even more fancy, have a look at vcsh,
which lets you manage those directories as git repositories. To get
an older version, you then have to simply check out the corresponding

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