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Maintaining/resting gnome settings


My wife uses gnome, but the problem is that her gnome settings goes 
berserk every now and then. It won't be long for her to find out this is 
not working as expect, then that is not working as expect. I use fluxbox 
instead of DM, so I don't know gnome well. So all I can do is to remove 
any files/directories under her home dir that vaguely seems to be gnome 

Now she found that she couldn't open .rar files any more. I tested under 
my gnome, and it works fine for me. Problem is, I just removed all her 
gnome setting related files/directories only about a month ago, and now I 
have to do find/delete/re-config again. 

I really have enough now, and am seeking real solutions. 
How can I keep just what I configured under home, instead of having 
several humongous gnome configuration files/directories under home.

Please help. Any tip appreciated. 


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