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Re: Dell Dimension 2400

On Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 02:57:42PM -0600, David J Meyer wrote:
> To all
> I have a Dell Dimension 2400 with the onboard video chipset. I have
> installed Squeeze on to the computer.
> The OS seems to be working fine.  I can access the Apache server and the
> page and application that it provides.
> I also have configured it as a print server which also works the way it
> should across my intranet.
> However the display freezes after a while.  No specific length of time.
> During the install it had issues with the video
> mode 314 which if you go to the expert graphical installer you can
> bypass that and make it use 800x600 with depth of 16.
> I configured it to install the hardware only drivers in the kernel as
> compared to all.
> When it freezes display goes dark, mouse pointer is present and follows
> the movement.  I have snooped around on the internet and the problem is
> not rare but really have seen no answers to resolve the issue. However
> there was one suggestion to change to onboard video ram from 1mb to 8mb.
> I tried that and it seemed to make the matter worse.
> The computer had several different versions of Fedora with the last one
> being 16 and that was nothing but a headache
> but the display worked fine.
> Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  Checked to see if it was
> reported as a bug but do not see anything.
How about using a cheapo PCI or AGP video card?  Are you near NJ, USA?
I have a bunch of them in a box...


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