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Re: installation ppc mac


On Monday 13 February 2012 11:23:27 Bud Francis wrote:
> Hi there debian folks,
> I got my hands on a power mac g4 with a 32 bit ppc processor.  After trying
> to install many versions of Linux on it I have come to the conclusion that
> it comes up fine in text mode but as soon as the xserver starts it messes
> up.  My machine has an ATI  Rage 128 in a pci slot vice the agp slot.  Is
> there some command I need to type in at boot to make it see the graphics
> card.  This is the original graphics card that came new with the computer. 
> I have seen it run MAC os just fine.
> Thanks,
> Bud

I'm using Debian Squeeze on a Power Mac G3 with ATI graphics board.

I had to put 

 Driver "ati"
 Option "NoAccel" "True"
 Option "UseFBDev" "False"
 Option "NoInt10" "True"

in my /etc/X11/xorg.conf to make X11 work.

Maybe this helps, I don't know if I have a Rage 128 in my G3 Mac.

Good luck,


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