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Re: free software mini pc

Andrei Popescu wrote at 2012-02-12 17:10 -0600:
> On Sb, 11 feb 12, 20:09:00, green wrote:
> > - Trim-Slice H (custom kernel)
> I was almost going to order one of those, but eventually gave up because 
> "SATA is implemented with USB to SATA Genesys Logic GL830". I admit the 
> custom kernel was also not an incentive.
> Maybe CompuLab will release a device based on Tegra 3 soon?

Is Tegra 3 supported by Linux?  Are any of the Tegras supported by Linux?  
While I have found nothing definitive, everything I have found suggests not.

> OTOH the Raspberry PI should be able to do most of what I really need 
> (HDMI playback & internet radio), so I'll probably get one as soon as 
> they include a case.

Sounds great, but probably not adequate for desktop use.

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