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Re: Aptana and Iceweasel

On Sun, 12 Feb 2012 23:12:52 -0500, Ethan Rosenberg wrote:

> At 02:30 PM 2/12/2012, Camaleón wrote:


>> > I made the changes that both of you suggested, and am being met by
>> > failure.  I know what is happening -- the style sheet is not being
>> > linked into the HTML code, but I cannot find the error.  Please give
>> > me a hint as to where to look, and I'll try.
>>As I already told you, the CSS file is properly linked and it works.

> Camaleon -
> Thanks.
> I cannot get it to work in Linux.

It do work, in linux and whatever OS you can imagine (that's one of the 
beauties of HTML, it's OS-unaware).

What makes you think it does not work for you?



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