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Re: Installing debian, dual boot on 1 TB disk?

On Monday, February 13, 2012 10:39:29 AM ACro wrote:

> Quoting Gerald <gcsgcatling@bigpond.com>:

> > Andrew,

> > I tried to do as you said, I also have windows in a 1TB drive.

> > How ever after shrinking win7-64 and installing Linux on the now

> > extended partition,

> > windows would not boot!!!!

> > On re-installing windows, everythig was set back to "normal" ie no

> > Linux partition

> > just windows.

> > Gerald


> Gerald,


> I'm really sorry for this unsuccessful attempt: it seems that your initial

> Windows setting is somewhat different from the one I had. You can try the

> following steps, more respectful toward Windows ;-)


> 1) Create Windows recovery disks using the Recovery manager utility (you

> should find it in your Programs). 2) Use the same utility to remove the

> recovery partitions from your hard disk (don't delete them directly). If

> only the first recovery partition is removed, that's fine (this still

> allows you to create an extended partition in the free space). 3) Now,

> shrink your Windows system partition: use the Windows tool first, which

> you'll find in the Administration tool's disk manager, and see how much

> space you can free. If it's enough for you, go ahead with Debian

> installation. If not, try shrinking it further using Debian installer's

> partitioning tool (in my case, this didn't corrupt the system). The

> difference between Windows' and Debian's tool seems to be the following:

> the first doesn't move the paging and other files, while the second does.

> 4) Install Debian in the free space, creating *logical* partitions. If

> your system won't use the whole available space, just create an unused

> partition to fill the gap: this makes your extended partition to be as

> large as the free space itself, allowing you to use it all in the future,

> if needed. Otherwise, the extended partition will stop at the end of your

> Debian system, making the remaining disk space unusable (if only the first

> Windows recovery partition was removed), or allowing you to create only

> one more - primary - partition, instead of more - logical - ones (if both

> were removed).


> Hope this helps, please let me know.


> Kind regards,

> Andrew


Hi Andrew,

I took the easy way out and phoned Microsoft.

Explained what I wanted to do and they gave me a link to both 32 bit and 64 bit Win7

I am, at his moment, downloading them. I shall then repartition the system and re-install win and then setup the Linux system (I hope).

Thank you for replying.


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