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Re: WLAN miniPCI or USB

On Sb, 11 feb 12, 11:45:32, Ramon Hofer wrote:
> How can I check which revision number contains which chipset?
> Do I have to ask the shop about the revision number and then ask the 
> manufacterer which chipset it contains?

Ask the shop, yes. Ask the manufacturer... you can try that, but web 
search should be faster ;)
> > - don't forget about the antena
> I mailed to the shop where I want to buy the module but haven't got an 
> answer yet.
> What kind of antenna can I use?
> I found a TP-Link TL-WN861N which should work with linux. Here's a link 
> to the shop. (Sorry it's german)

Not a problem for me ;)

> http://www.techmania.ch/details.aspx?pid=2101864&sessionID=1210#
> They don't write anything about antennas...

Looks like it's not included (makes sense, since mini-PCI cards are 
usually found in laptops which have one in the chassis). You probably 
need two of them (I see two connectors in the top corners, and this is 
an N-card), suitable for your system's case.

Kind regards,
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