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Re: "Invisible" files on /tmp from Flash or Iceweasel?

On 2012-02-11 15:33 +0100, Randy Kramer wrote:

> The problem I have is that /tmp is still filling up with something, and 
> if /tmp gets 100% full (when I have a lot of videos opened (obviously not 
> playing--just sitting there and loading so that I can view them when I switch 
> to the appropriate tab), the video I'm viewing freezes.  
> But, when I go to look for files on /tmp, I can't find any that are related to 
> Flash or Iceweasel.  My guess is that somehow Flash or Iceweasel are doing 
> something like using an inode to create and use a cache file, but not giving 
> it a name, thus I am not able to find such files with the usual tools like 
> ls.
> <leading up to the questions>
> So, my questions:
>    * is that possible (that Flash or Iceweasel are using unnamed inodes to 
> create invisible files on /tmp)

Yes.  Well, the file needs to be given a name initially, but the name
can be removed by calling unlink(2) after it has been opened.

>    * if so, are there some tools I can use to find those files

Yes, lsof is helpful.

> and delete them 
> to provide more space on /tmp (to free up the frozen videos)

No, as long the browser keeps the file open, it is not possible to free
the space occupied by it.  Restart Iceweasel to achieve that.


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