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Re: "Invisible" files on /tmp from Flash or Iceweasel?

On Sat, 11 Feb 2012 09:33:49 -0500, Randy Kramer wrote:


> So, my questions:
>    * is that possible (that Flash or Iceweasel are using unnamed inodes
>    to
> create invisible files on /tmp)

Maybe it is used as a temporal place to cache the files :-?

>    * if so, are there some tools I can use to find those files and
>    delete them
> to provide more space on /tmp (to free up the frozen videos)

Run "df" to get the available space.

>    * if not, can someone suggest (or confirm) what is happening on /tmp.

What leads you to think your video freeze problems is related to the 
available space in /tmp? Are you getting a warning or message? Your 
browser can be frozen because of many reasons, even more if you load a 
flash-based movie.

> Additional clues / confirmation of my problem:
>    * After doing a df and finding /tmp at 100% full, I then do things
>    like
> ls -alR /tmp/* (or du -a /tmp) and look at the size of the files
> there--I can see that the named files are nowhere near big enough to
> fill up /tmp.  (For example, with du I see "318     /tmp" meaning that
> the files that du can find total 318 blocks or kilobytes.  My /tmp is
> 459143 blocks (according to df).
>    * If I see df showing /tmp at 100%, I can quit Iceweasel, and the
>    usage
> on /tmp drops down to 1% (to match the 318 kilobytes I mention above).

Okay... How many space have you reserved for your "/tmp" mount point? Is 
it mounted using "tmpfs"? I had to remove the tmpfs option because of my 
"small" ram memory (2 GiB) which generated a "small" /tmp partition by 
default which was full by just a simple "unpacking" operation...



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