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Re: Backup System part deux

Hi Gary!

Am 10.02.2012 03:08, schrieb Gary Roach:
> Thanks for all of the help last time . I installed Backupninja easily.
> After getting it running I realized that it didn't quite do what I
> wanted. I was looking for a package that could be installed in the
> server with little need for additional programs to be installed on each
> machine. So, after some searching, I switched to Backuppc. Now Backuppc
> will do what I want but it needs to run first. To cut to the chase I
> have (I think) the config.pl file set to backup /home, /etc, and /var
> with a couple of exclusions. As the debian readme file suggested, I
> pasted the supplied script into the Apache2 config file. This seems to
> be working OK. I then moved the /var/lib/backuppc files to my spare hard
> drive '/backupdisk' and did a soft link from /var/lib to
> /backupdisk/backuppc. I then did the following
> root/.../etc# service backuppc start
> Starting backuppc...2012-02-09 17:17:05 Can't create a test hardlink
> between a file in /backupdisk/pc and /backupdisk/cpool.  Either these
> are different file systems, or this file system doesn't support
> hardlinks, or these directories don't exist, or there is a permissions
> problem, or the file system is out of inodes or full.  Use df, df -i,
> and ls -ld to check each of these possibilities. Quitting...
> I searched for an answer and found dozens, all different and mostly
> old.  The either made no sense or didn't work. Specifically- all of my
> disks on all of my machines are ext3 file systems. Changing the
> permissions to 755 on all of the files didn't work.
> The path's involved look like:
>     /var/lib/backuppc -> /backupdisk/backuppc
>     /backupdisk/backuppc/ cpool, pc etc.
> I am running Debian Squeeze on all systems
> I am using rsync and have ssh installed on all systems.
> All of the systems communicate with each other over ssh
> My backup server is running two GB size disks. Backuppc is running on
> one disk and using the other for the backup data.
> Any ideas of how to fix this problem will be sincerely appreciated.
> Gary R

The features of backuppc also suited my needs of a backup solution and
convinced me some years ago.
I'm remembering that I did the same linking thing to /var/lib/backuppc
and had the very same problem due to a permission issue. However, it
does a great job since then.

Assumed there is no obvious reason for directory linking, backuppc and
the web-server are running as user backuppc, you might want to do
 'chown backuppc:backuppc /var/lib/backuppc',
 'rm -R /var/lib/backuppc/*',
 mount the data drive to /var/lib/backuppc and
 'aptitude reinstall backuppc' to recreate its subdirectories (cpool,
log, pc, pool and trash).


> PS: For the average user the documentation for this package sucks. The
> detail included may be exactly what the developer needs but is really
> rough sledding for the average user. This seems to be a very common
> problem in the Linux world and is the main reason that Linux is still
> relegated to the number three spot way behind Windows and Mackintosh. I
> spent 40 year in industry and was a tech writer for many of those years.
> My last 5 years was as a developer of medium size database systems for
> use by real dummies. So I speak with some authority. Every program that
> is for general use must have one of two things. Either a GUI that can be
> used without any special training by your wife/girlfriend/secretary
> without asking _any_ questions or documentation that passes the same
> test. This is the criteria that I always used and it works. I would love
> to rewrite some of this stuff but am not nearly conversant enough with
> the nitty gritty programming details.

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