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painfully slow grub2 boot times

This isn't a cry for help, it's a "what worked for me", in hopes that
it'll get indexed and other people can be saved the two days I spent
finding it.

As with many other people, I was experiencing a long delay (on the order
of a minute) between the "Welcome to GRUB" message and the appearance of
the boot menu when booting.

Other people had suggested making sure the floppy drive is turned off in
the BIOS, and making sure your root file system is on the disk you're
booting from.  Neither of these made any difference in my case.

What *did* work was setting the disk access mode to LBA in the BIOS (it
had been set to Auto).  I have no idea why this worked; on at least one
other machine I have, the BIOS is set to Auto disk access mode, and
there is no noticeable delay.

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