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If you own an ASUS notebook, please test latest v4l-utils


I'm Gregor a co-maintainer of v4l-utils. As you might know most (all?) ASUS notebooks have their webcams built in upside down. Libv4l (which is part of v4l-utils) has an internal notebook model table to detect such notebooks and flip the image if necessary.

Recently I rewrote the matching algorithm to only match the chassis type and chassis version and discard things like chipset type. This way we hope to reduce the upside down table update frequency.

If you own an ASUS notebook and have five minutes time to spare, please test the changes on your machine:

1. Download v4l-utils snapshot:
wget http://alioth.debian.org/~gjasny-guest/v4l-utils-0.9.0-test1.tar.bz2

2. Install prerequisites: libjpeg-dev libqt4-dev

3. Extract and build tarball
cd v4l-utils-0.9.0-test1

4. Run qv4l2 and check that the image is not upside down:
Start Capturing (big red botton)

5. Report any flipped images to me. Please include the content of

Thanks for your help,

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