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Re: Hacked e-mail account!

Marc Shapiro <marcnshap <at> gmail.com> writes:

> On 02/06/12 06:56, Camaleón wrote:
> > On Sun, 05 Feb 2012 22:33:24 -0800, Marc Shapiro wrote:
> >
> >> It looks like my Yahoo mail got hacked.  Several e-mails were sent out
> >> earlier today from this account containing only a single link as
> >> content.  I have no idea what the link goes to, but do not click on it.
> >> Nothing good can come of it.  I will be changing my password as soon as
> >> this is sent.
> >
> > Are you sure?
> >
> > Most of that e-mails are just faked. This can be usually checked by
> > reading the headers of the messages that apparently came from your
> > account, though YMMV because it depends on the provider.
> >
> The messages were in the 'Sent Mail' for the account.

Wow. No doubt then ;-(

Curiously, two days ago we received a similar "spam-faked" e-mail (it's in the
archive¹) in Debian Spanish mailing list which apparently came from a known
mailing list user but the headers lacked from a required field used by Hotmail
to auth their auth users, thus I doubted it was "real".


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