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Re: Installing debian, dual boot on 1 TB disk?

On Mon, 06 Feb 2012 23:36:15 +0700, Arief M Utama wrote:

> Got a problem here, I have a laptop with  pre-installed windows, the
> partition scheme is more-or-less like this:
> - 100M partition (hidden) - seems like a Windows-helper partition (I
> read something about it, forgotten now) 
> - ~960 GB Windows partition
> - ~20GB Recovery partion
> -  ~10M another part of recovery partition
> When I tried to install debian,
> What I did was shrinking the 960GB partition to ~900GB, then I thought I
> could have ~60GB for linux.
> But then it said the free space is unusable, I cant do any partitioning
> on it.
> Anyone familiar with this problem? Is this something to do about the
> partition table can't handle large disk size issue?

Before anything, boot into windows and run "scan disk" and "defrag" for 
the windows partition and make a backup copy for the whole disk (if you -
additionally- have a recovery image for the windows install it would be 
perfect). Then, use an updated LiveCD version of Gparted and do the 
resizing and partitioning/formatting from there. After that, proceed as 
usual with Debian installer. This will hopefully minimize the problematic.

> Any help and pointers are appreciated.
> Please CC me on your replies as I am not subscribed to debian-user
> currently.

Sorry, I can't ;-(



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