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Re: Sleep

On 06/02/2012 02:01, Stayvoid wrote:
BTW, there is another program called "hibernate." Which one is the best?

Under Trinity desktop, I use the kde3 applet kpowersave.  I can configure
it to do custom things.  Sometimes, and on some machines, hibernating or
suspending to ram fails when triggered from X, so I've learned to do it by
myself!  I run commands such as s2disk, s2ram and s2both (uswsusp package).

You'll need to be root to use them.  Usually, I lock my X session (ctrl-alt-L),
go to tty1 (ctrl-alt-f1), login as root and enter the following command:

   s2disk && exit

this ensures that at resume time, root will be logged out after s2disk
actually return.  If s2disk fails and thus doesn't send the machine to
hibernate state, I still got my shell open, in case I want to try something


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