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Re: Sleep

On Sun, 05 Feb 2012 01:54:31 +0300, Stayvoid wrote:

> I'm using gNewSense.
> (I know that gNewSense has it's own mailing list. But there aren't many
> Mac users.)

It's okay but note that gNewSense and Debian can differ in some cases.
> Is there a way to check that my laptop (MacBookPro6,2) is actually going
> to sleep after the lid is closed?

Look at the logs, if the system entered into suspension or hibernation 
there should be something at "/var/log/suspend.log"
> I'm not sure because it didn't turn off the screen. And the LED was not
> blinking, but it should. 


Closing the lid and go suspend is an option, maye you have to enable that.



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