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Re: Re(4): POP3 in Debian

On Sun, 22 Jan 2012 15:05:46 -0700, peasthope wrote:

> From:	Camaleon <noelamac@gmail.com>
> Date:	Sat, 21 Jan 2012 11:31:35 +0000 (UTC)
>> So finally, what are you going to do or what are now your plans
>> regarding your original issue? :-?
> It was fixed last Thursday, January 19 shortly after Aoki rminded me to
> check with telnet.  Documented in the second paragraph here.
> "http://carnot.yi.org/OberonPage.html#Mail"; Editing and recompiling in
> less than 5 minutes.

Oh, I see. A bug at the MUA, then?

>> What I can tell is that editing the subject line can make some MUAs
>> (mostly webmails) break the threading style by removing the required
>> references and/or reply-to headers.
> Use mutt or Oberon.  Instructions in
> http://wiki.debian.org/DebianMailingLists pending.

Mmm, I'm not that confidence for Oberon but +1 for Mutt. Or better yet, 
use a newsreader, it's the perfect transport protocol for dealing with 
mailing lists.

But now the hard part: convince people to ditch Gmail|Yahoo|Hotmail 
webmail's in favor of Mutt or another decent MUA >>:-)



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