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Re: How to install Truecrypt on Debian squeeze?

antispammbox-debian writes:
> but I would like to use Truecrypt also with Debian.

The very long, very complex Truecrypt license _may_ be DFSG-compliant,
and _may_ not conflict with the libraries it links with (a lawyer might
be able to tell you).  However, it clearly forbids Debian to identify a
Debian Truecrypt package as Truecrypt, and may even forbid it to mention
anywhere in the package or its description or documentation that it has
any connection with Truecrypt.  Thus it is not surprising that it has
not been packaged.

The Truecrypt people evidently do not want Debian to include their
software (and that's ok: it's their software).  Thus if you want a
Debian Truecrypt package you need to talk to Truecrypt.
John Hasler

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