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Re: ptrace suid?

On Sun, 15 Jan 2012 14:16:38 -0700, Joe Pfeiffer wrote:

> Camaleón <noelamac@gmail.com> writes:
> <snip>>
>> Check out this recent VB forum thread:
>> [Solved] VBox 4.1.8 fails as non-root user
>> https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=47199
> I have to confess to being a little bit mystified by the description
> there (I'll note that the user was having exactly the same debugging
> problem I am -- a wild goose chase caused by suid being ignored in
> strace!).  

The user also reports the result of strace output. Is that not working 
for you?

> The fix reported there was
>>Re: VBox 4.1.8 fails as non-root user by Perryg » 8. Jan 2012, 23:32
>>If you started VirtualBox as root then the VBOX_USER_HOME environment
>>has probably changed. See Chapter 10.1.3 Global configuration data
>>"VBOX_USER_HOME environment"
> VBOX_USER_HOME is the location of the directory containing global
> virtualbox configuration, which by default is $HOME/.VirtualBox.  So,
> apparently, in spite of it being referred to as global, it's per-user
> configuration.  How this is affected by whether you install as root or
> using sudo is a mystery to me...  
> but I'm sufficiently desperate that I did go ahead and reinstall with
> sudo aptitude install virtualbox
> with no difference in the results.

I think the tip given at the forum was aimed to those people who 
installed virtualbox manually, it should be useless if you get the 
precompiled package from Debian repositories.
> In the mean time, I've come across some other programs on my machine
> that are also seg faulting on launch, and don't require suid.  Right now
> I'm tracing through executions of alsaplayer, which seems to be seg
> faulting somewhere in the process of loading its dynamic modules....

The weird thing is that it works for another user running over the NFS 
shared /home while fails for the other :-? Just to test, I would try to 
use a local $HOME. Also, the results of strace would be helpful to debug 
the problem.



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