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Suggestion: Please change rights of cpufreq-set by default

Dear list,
please let me describe a little problem.

As powerdevil changed last year, I found no way, to force the cpu to stay at 
lowest clock, even when a process wants full speed.

My solution at the moment is, to use cpufreq-set, where I can set the cpu to 
lowest frequency.

But there is a problem: I can do this only as user root! 

A solution is, to change the rights of the binary of cpufreq-set to i.e. group 
"powerdevil" and sticky bit to user "root". So anyone in the group 
"powerdevil" (and of course the application powerdevil, too), will be able to 
change the cpu clock. 

As powerdevil is able to execute a script, I can use a script in the profiles, 
either to set the clock to min or in another profile to max.

But changing the default rights IMO is no good way, except the maintainers 
decide so, too.

Any other suggestions?

Best regards


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