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Re: Bug#655999: [bugs.debian.org] Reporting documentation - "What package does your bug report belong to?" points to user support groups

On Du, 15 ian 12, 14:35:17, Filipus Klutiero wrote:
> debian-user's topic is user support.
> For technical discussions about development, the default group is
> debian-devel@lists.debian.org.
> Reference: http://anonscm.debian.org/viewvc/webwml/webwml/english/Bugs/Reporting.wml?r1=1.18&r2=1.19
> While we're at it, we shouldn't require reporters to indicate a
> package. If the ITS technically needs a package to be indicated, we
> could tell reporters to indicate a pseudo-package when they don't
> know, perhaps "unknown" or "default".

Hi Filipus,

I am not a BTS (Debian's issue tracking system) maintainer, so this is 
all in my very humble opinion.

If a user can't tell where the bug belongs to chances are:

1. it is not a bug
2. it is a bug, but the reporter is not very skilled
3. it is a bug, the reportes is quite skilled, but it is really 
difficult to tell what package is at fault

For both 1. and 2. debian-user is actually a very good place to ask. 
Subscribers are used to high volume and all kinds of questions.

Most of the times, unless the poster is not providing information or is 
being a total jerk (or similar), there is a kind soul to provide 
guidance to solve the problem or point to where a bug should be reported 
if applicable.

Even for 3. the skill set available on debian-user is very impressive 
(besides the few DDs that are watching, thanks guys).

On the other hand DD time is precious. Even if many of the debian-user 
subscribers would have the skills to become one, they probably lack the 
time. However, scanning through the subjects and answering the 
occasional interesting questions is a good way to contribute and take 
some of that burden from the DDs.

After all, DD time is better spent packaging software and fixing bugs, 
not answering trivial user questions ;)

As to your suggestion about a pseudo package "unknown" or "default", the 
question is: who should watch the bugs? If you want to suggest sending 
those bugs to debian-devel, all the above applies. If you want to 
suggest debian-user instead, why bother? Just point the reporter to 
debian-user (as it is done now).

I hope this addresses your concerns,
P.S. Please don't CC bugs to debian-user. Not everybody is used to the 
BTS, so it is quite likely that some will either reply to list only (as 
per code of conduct, but you are probably not subscribed), or to all 
(including submit@...  and the bug), which will just clutter the bug 
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