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Re: how to cp file from windows to laptop

On 12/01/12 17:56, lina wrote:
> On Thursday 12,January,2012 02:53 PM, Scott Ferguson wrote:
>> On 12/01/12 17:36, lina wrote:
>>> On Thursday 12,January,2012 02:29 PM, Scott Ferguson wrote:
>>>> On 12/01/12 16:04, lina wrote:
>>>>> Hi,


>>>> Putty
>>> They did not have putty installed.
>>> The remote windows os even no adobe reader and other pdf reader.
>> So... the problem is that you need to read a file, on a remote Windoof
>> machine (the version of which you haven't told us). But the remote has
>> no pdf viewer and you wish to copy the file to your machine (Debian) so
>> that you can read it.
>> Is that correct?
>> email? (they do have a browser on the remote box right?)
> I mainly use emails. ( but recent the windows live attachement sounds
> silly, always downloaded as attachment.xml something like that, now I
> use gmail).
>> Possible overkill for one file - but what about using a ftp or SAMBA
>> server on the Debian box?
> I don't know how to use ftp and SAMBA.

ftp is cli tool in Windoof. Pretty simple. It even has a rudimentary help.
SAMBA might not suit as it sounds like you might be remoting through the
Another alternative is to upload the file to a webserver you control. I
normally just use a free email account. There's one mob that give you
GBs of free storage space (even if you only ever use it for file storage).

> except Terminal server client, I tried ssh not work.

Well it won't. It's *nix thing. Hence the Putty suggestion.


Does that mean email solves your problem?

I probably should of suggested you create a single use webmail account
(from Debian) then login to *that* account in the remote session -
attach the pdf to an email and send it to your normal email account.
That way you're not exposing a password that matter to an untrusted machine.


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