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Re: Network not working on Shuttle XS35GTV2

On Lu, 09 ian 12, 16:07:38, Ramon Hofer wrote:
> I can skip the network setup of netinst. But I can't skip the part when I 
> have to choose a Debian mirror?

It should be possible. Worst case the "Back" button should get you to a 
menu where you can just choose the next step ;)
> After the installer fails to setup the network dmesg | grep -i firmware 
> returns:
> "[  0.904131] pci 0000:00:1f.0: [Firmware Bug]: TigerPoint LPC.BM_STS 
> cleared"
> I wanted to install an ISO image but there are 52 cd images and another 
> 10 update images. I suppose I would had to download and use all of them 
> to install?

The latest CD1 for any Desktop Environment (you don't plan to use one 
anyway) is more than enough.

Kind regards,
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