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Re: xfc4 migration next step: get rid of gnome

On 08/01/12 16:17, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:
On 01/01/2012 19:48, Camaleón wrote:
On Sun, 01 Jan 2012 18:02:55 +0100, Jerome BENOIT wrote:

I have recently migrated to Xfce, and now I would get rid of gnome as it
seems to become an heavy machinery: what is the best way to so ?

I would start by removing the related metapackages (gnome, gnome-desktop-
environment, gnome-core...).

If removing tries to do crazy things (like deleting packages or libraries
that you still want to leave installed), I would then go with a selective
package removement. It will be slower but this way you ensure to keep the
things you want and those that can be still needed or even useful for

In my case I went for a slightly more 'radical' (but very educational) way of backing up may home dir, reinstalling vanilla debian and then xfce4 and xfce4-goodies. Eventually I did install gnome related packages e.g. to have network-manager and such, but overall my system is much lighter.
Something not directly related to xfce, but interesting for keeping installs slimmer, is a useful option for apt-get I learned in the process, it is the --no-install-recommends (which I then made permanent), as it seems recommends is abused to some extent.

I am waiting for the next stable Debian release to do so.



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