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Re: Sysvinit replacement

On Sat, 07 Jan 2012 12:14:48 -0600, hvw59601 wrote:

> Camaleón wrote:


>>> That package (systemd) is in Sid. What determines that it must be
>>> used? Deactivation of sysv-rc?
>> Mmm, AFAIK sysvinit and systemd can "coexist", but I don't know how to
>> give preference to one of them. Maybe by some sort of variable in
>> "/etc/ default/*"? :-?
>> Let me read the docs... okay, it is documented at
>> "/usr/share/doc/systemd/ README.Debian"
>> ***
>> systemd for Debian
>> ==================
>> systemd can be installed alongside sysvinit and will not change the
>> behaviour of the system out of the box.  This is intentional.  To test
>> systemd, add:
>> init=/bin/systemd
>> to the kernel command line and then rebooting, or install the
>> systemd-sysv package.
>> ***
> Does that mean systemd will be "voluntary" for the foreseeable future?
> (And how did you read the docs of systemd, you installed it?)

There is also "upstart" as a possible replacement, so I hope whatever 
decission is finally reached by Debian team it allows users to select 
their desired init system regardless the choosen default.



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