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Re: SIP programs on PowerPC

On Sat, 07 Jan 2012 03:05:22 +0200, Dima Sorkin wrote:

> Hi.
>   I have Debian/SID on iBook G4 (powerpc), updated on a weekly basis.
> Of the SIP programs I tried, only Twinkle succeeded to produce sound.
> Ekiga and LinPhone connect to 500 at ekiga-dot-net (test call), with no
> sound. Ekiga shows that no sound input stream is received from the ekiga
> server (but video is ok).

Ekiga is what I use and works fine. However, you have to ensure your 
input sound device is compatible. What kind of device are you using 
(embedded microphone line with standard jack input and separate speakers, 
a dedicated all-in-one headphone...)?

> Blink (built from source) could not be installed because of
> dependencies.
> QuteCom does not provide a GUI option to register to a SIP account.

Wikipedia has an extensive list of softphones:


(I have in my radar -though still not tested- Jitsi (a.k.a "SIP 
Communicator"), because it is written in Java and can be run on any OS 
which supports it).

> I wonder whether those issues are laptop specific, or powerpc specific
> (big endian etc)?

I don't think so (SIP applications use their own methods for getting 
sound in/out). Anyway, does recording/playing work outside SIP programs? 
For instance, using "arecord/aplay" or GNOME sound recorder.

> Thanks,
>   Dima.
> P.S.
>   Please CC me, I am not registered to the list.

Sorry, I can't :-(



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