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Re: rootdelay=9 kernal option - why?

On Sat, 07 Jan 2012 15:11:54 +0100, Pascal Hambourg wrote:

> Hello,
> Camaleón a écrit :
>> I wonder how did you finally reached the conclusion for the
>> "rootdelay", I wouldn't either have imagined so after finding any clue
>> over Internet, forums and mailing lists... even after reading the
>> Relase Notes, you still have to connect the points to identify your
>> booting problem with the solution showed there.
> OP : "Without it, the root file system is not found and it drops you
> into the initramfs prompt."
> Release notes : "The usual symptoms are that the boot will fail because
> the root file system cannot be mounted and you are dropped into a debug
> shell."
> Quite similar, isn't it ?

For "the old guard", yes. For average users, not that similar :-)

>> It is still unclear why you're seeing the error, unless you're at any
>> of the mentioned scenarios (using USB disks, RAID or LILO) the timing
>> problem should not bit you.
> OP : " We typically have mdadm style software raid on all boot systems,
> using /dev/md0 typically as root file system."
> To the OP :
> This is not specific to Squeeze, the issue was already reported in Etch
> and Lenny release notes. And it is not a kernel issue but an initramfs
> issue.

Uh? I did miss that message... ah, okay, it was said on a reply to Alexey.

OTOH, "Release Notes" do not specifiy what kind of RAID triggers the 
problem (hardware raid, linux raid, fakeraid...). For instance, I have  
adaptec hardware RAID controllers and didn't notice this on my Lenny 

I agree with Francis this is not "normal" or something expected. At least 
is not something I have experienced before.



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