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Re: rootdelay=9 kernal option - why?

On Thu, 05 Jan 2012 08:12:03 -0400, francis picabia wrote:

> On most of my older systems, I've needed to add the option rootdelay=9
> to make the system boot when upgrading to the kernel and such for
> squeeze. Without it, the root file system is not found and it drops you
> into the initramfs prompt.

Mmm, yes, it is documented:

4.6.3. Boot timing issues

> I've fixed this on about 5 or more systems, and it has come to the point
> where I have to wonder why does the kernel present this problem?  Why
> not have a safer default?  The solution isn't hard, but it seems
> pointless to break the boot up
> for so many systems.  Really an issue for kernel devs, but I suppose the
> installer
> for Squeeze could possibly use some sort of magic to guess when it might
> be needed.

I would ask at Debian kernel mailing list.

> Can rootdelay=9 cause any problems?

A delayed booting (+9 s)? :-)



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