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Re: Best remote control software

yudi v wrote at 2012-01-03 23:33 -0700:
> Currently I am using x11vnc as the server on Debian and tightvnc
> viewer on Windows 7.

> Both machines are connected via LAN cable and are only meters apart.

> It works but the performance using the above
> applications is not that good. There's lag and the display output is
> not as clear as expected.

I used x11vnc once over long-distance VPN, and was please by the performance, 
though there was a bit of lag and (I think automatic) reduced video quality.

Have you tried some of the performance and quality options mentioned in the 
man page?  It looks like x11vnc has many and diverse options.

-wireframe / -nowireframe
-speeds n,n,n
-xrefresh n
-sb 0

But what about your VNC client?  Have you tried a different client or 
adjusting settings for video quality from there?

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