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Re: problematic poweroff on shutdown

On 2012-01-03, Bob Proulx <bob@proulx.com> wrote:
>> Now you say rebooting requires and entails the exact same electrical
>> event as a poweroff?  I don't quite understand.  You mean that reboot
>> powers off the machine, and then turns it back on again immediately,
>> whereas a shutdown/poweroff simply powers the machine off? =20
> Isn't that the way that it works?  I always thought that it did.  All
> of the behavior indicates to me that it does.  But I could easily be
> wrong about it.  Perhaps one of our loyal readers will know the answer
> off the top of their head and will type in a response concerning
> actual power supply operation.  Otherwise I will need to put a probe
> on the power pins and determine the answer by looking.

Wikipedia says a soft reboot involves restarting the computer under
software control without removing power, whereas a hard reboot according
to them is some sort of unfortunate accident (or desperate last-ditch
alternative to an unresponsive system) in which the power is cut and
then restored without a proper shutdown procedure having taken place. 


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