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Re: problematic poweroff on shutdown

Curt wrote:
> Periodically, for no reason I can fathom, or trace to a specific cause,
> when I shutdown my machine, it fails to power off.  The shutdown
> procedure unrolls, or unfurls, as expected, but at the point where it
> says at the console "Will now halt," instead of a power off taking
> place, the console displays an additional message: "Power off".  At that
> point, my only alternative is to press the power buttom at the front of
> the machine for five seconds, which turns the machine off (this seems
> a gentler alternative to yanking out the power cord from the socket, as the
> psu on this 'puter has no power switch).
> How would I go about trouble-shooting this erratic behavior?

Just two months ago I had this exact same problem with a brand new
Intel motherboard.  Searching the motherboard site for BIOS upgrades I
found that there was one available and in my case the changelog for it
listed reboot problems as one of the fixes.  I upgraded the BIOS and
my problem was resolved.

I don't know if this will be your problem too but the BIOS firmware is
where I would start looking for the problem.


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