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Re: "sudo" command passwd is not canceled.

于 2012/1/4 14:45, Bob Proulx 写道:
chengshid wrote:
"sudo" command passwd is not canceled since i modify the follows files.
/usr/share/polkit-1/actions/  and /etc/pam.d/

the /etc/sudoers file have modified with no required passwd.

help me!  thanks.
I do not understand what you are asking.  Are you saying that it is
not requiring a password now?  The default password timeout is 15

Use 'sudo -k' to revoke your permissions.

use 'sudo -l' to list information about what you are allowed.  This
will display any NOPASSWD flags set in the file.

sorry, bad with my EN.
"sudo" command passwd is required now .
i added the NOPASSWD field to sudoers file, and the "sudo" command all ways was not required passwd. But now, i modify these files under /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/, and it is is required passwd.
so, could be any way to cancel the demand for passwd?

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