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Re: mcedit copy to cooledit.clip

On Sat, 31 Dec 2011 10:27:21 -0600, hvw59601 wrote:

> Camaleón wrote:
>> On Sat, 31 Dec 2011 09:05:48 -0600, hvw59601 wrote:
>>> When mc runs in forked shell, like script, the ctrl-ins keys in mcedit
>>> to copy marked text to cooledit.clip doesn't work. Anybody knows why
>>> not?
>> Could it be because of some sort of key binding problem within the
>> terminal?
>> I have tested mcedit (run inside "script" and also by direct call) on
>> wheezy from gnome-terminal and xterm and "ctrl+ins" seems to do nothing
>> but F3/F5 still does the mark/paste work :-?
> Right. F3/F5 still select/copy within the file, but ctrl-ins does not
> copy to cooledit.clip, it does nothing.

That's what I've been using since always, I didn't know about another key 
combos for copy/paste/delete until I read your message :-)
> In the man I find only that it is supposed to work, but the man is huge
> (3337 lines). This is not something new, I don't ever remember it
> working. I would like to know why.

Well, mcedit man page is more brief (just 391 lines) but in the end it 
neither seems to do what it states (I just have also tested in lenny with 
same results).



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