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Re: [OT] Rosetta Stone language program on Linux?

On 01/01/12 11:06, Don Juan wrote:
> On 12/31/2011 03:52 PM, Scott Ferguson wrote:
>> On 01/01/12 10:21, Lisi wrote:
>>> On Saturday 31 December 2011 23:12:03 Scott Ferguson wrote:
>>>> On 01/01/12 07:16, Patrick Wiseman wrote:
>>>>> Hi:
>>>>> I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with a Rosetta Stone
>>>>> language program on a Linux box, either the web-based or the DVD
>>>>> program.  I want to (re)learn French, and most reviews suggest that
>>>>> Rosetta Stone is the best.

>> According to the WINE database - the latest version is rated "garbage".
>> If you want a review - I looked at an earlier version being used by a
>> relative and agreed with her that it was not very good (very
>> repetitive). Heavily advertised and expensive, and no where near as user
>> friendly or useful as the free BBC program.
>> Is that relevant given that a cursory search shows that the latest
>> version will not run under WINE.
> Not true :) Works great on my system with wine. I get the base free
> through work and any language extensions. I just keep updating the
> original install as they come out and have yet to run into any issues
> with it under wine. Though I am on sid based off a net-install running
> just openbox and run wine off the dev tree.
> RS-V.4 works though not all languages are to that version yet
> RS-V.3 works and all languages are supported.

Then please update the WINE database entry/ies:-

NOTE: V3 is rated gold - it's the latest supported version that's rated
"garbage". I've no idea if PlayOnLinux has a helper file for it.

>> Happy New Year
> Quality of the overall program, its OK, it is in relation to how you
> learn I think. I would not say any of the ones I have completed have
> made me 100% fluent but I did get a deeper grasp of the studied
> languages. Some will find it works wonders others hate it due to their
> teaching style. Just like every teaching method out there.


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