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Re: OT: deferring gmail's new look

Hello Lisi ?!

There is this cog-wheel, above in right corner.

Click on it. Menue pops up and you can change there back
to old design.

This is googlemail-helpcenter topic !
There you can put any question concerning gmail.


2011/12/26 Lisi <lisi.reisz@gmail.com>:
> On Sunday 25 December 2011 20:19:25 Kelly Clowers wrote:
>> Still no desktop app is as good as gmail. The searching and Conversations
>> still have not been done right anywhere else.
> One man's meat is another man's poison!  The Conversations are the single
> thing I most dislike on GMail.  They make such a mess of threading.
> To each his - or her - own. :-)
> Lisi
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