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Re: Re (3): automating execution of script.

peasthope@shaw.ca wrote:
> /home/peter/script IN_MODIFY /home/peter/script &> /home/peter/result
> ...
> It should have been executed with the stderr and stdout 
> put into result but it failed.  Any observations?

Using "&>" is bash specific syntax.  I expect that it was executed
with /bin/sh which is not bash by default.  /bin/sh is dash, a posix
shell, by default and won't have bash extensions.  And even if /bin/sh
happens to be bash then bash will be operating in standards mode and
won't have that syntax then either.

Try this portable shell redirection instead:

  /home/peter/script IN_MODIFY /home/peter/script >/home/peter/result 2>&1


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