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Re: SGE (grid-engine-*) versus open grid scheduler

On Wed, 07 Dec 2011 12:08:55 -0400, francis picabia wrote:

> Maybe this isn't the best list to discuss grid cluster software, but
> I'll see...

JFYI, there is also:


> Oracle has discontinued the development of the open source Sun Grid
> Engine. 

Was it...?


Oh, shame on you, Oracle >:-/

> It is currently distributed in Debian 6 in packages beginning
> with grid-engine-*

Here it is:


> The open source fork continues as Open Grid Scheduler.
> http://gridscheduler.sourceforge.net/
> I can't tell what grid-engine-* packages are using for upstream as it
> refers to SGE, something both upstream sources have in common for
> package and current releases.

Mmm, Oracle's announcement was made on December 23th, 2010, that's almost 
a year ago. And Open Grid Scheduler release version matches with Debian's 
one (6.2u5). Moreover, getting into Debian gridengine sources, the copyright 
points to Sun's license, so it makes sense to think that Debian is using 
Open Grid Scheduler's sources :-?

> Is Debian basing grid-engine on the new open source project? If so, I'd
> expect the grid-engine-* project might remain around and it will
> eventually update to the more recent releases from gridscheduler.

You can open a wishlist bug report against the package requesting an 
upgrade to the latest available version and exposing your reasons for that.

> Alternately, the grid-engine used Oracle's SGE as the upstream and this
> package will soon be EOL.  If so, will there be a new package based on
> Grid Scheduler?

I think the current is already based on it, but that's just my 
understanding, I would ask to the package maintainers :-)



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