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Re: Wheezy: Iceweasel: Bank login fails with "Skype buttons for kopete" plugin disabled

On Wed, 07 Dec 2011 22:45:42 -0800, T Elcor wrote:

> I'm experiencing a weird problem when I'm not able to log in to my bank
> account if I disable the "Skype buttons for kopete" plugin in iceweasel.
> Login attempts just fail with a cryptic "Unable to Process Request - Try
> Again Later or Contact Customer Support" message.
> I struggled with this problem for a while and was able to identify it to
> the "pluginreg.dat" file in my profile and then to the enabled/disabled
> state of the "Skype buttons" plugin. If the plugin enabled then I can
> log in, if it's disabled then I can't.

Very weird, indeed.

I neither see a direct link between a plugin and the login process. I 
know a plugin can slow down the whole browser navigation a lot but what 
would this has to do with the login step? :-?
> I'm kind of puzzled and concerned why my bank transactions should have
> anything to do with the Skype buttons or Kopete.
> Any ideas? Thanks


I've never faced a similar problem, so I would contact both, kopete 
developers by means of Debian BTS or directly to KDE bugzilla (I think 
they can give you at least a hint for what can be the source of the 
problem here) and also the online bank customer support, although I don't 
think the latter will be able to understand what you are trying to 
explain :-)



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