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Re: QT appearence in gtk apps

On Wed, 07 Dec 2011 00:22:25 +0000, Fábio wrote:

> First, sorry for my limited english.

Don't worry, we're on the same boat ;-)

> I'm using the testing repository in my notebook (as default), togheter
> with unstable and experimental.
> The problem is my gtk apps appear ugly, different from qt apps. I have
> select "oxygen-gtk" on System Settings -> Application Appearence -> GTK+
> Appearence, but it still appears ugly.
> Some thoughts?

Mmm, I'm using GNOME so can't directy try it but there is a thread at 
Debian forums that it may help you with this:

[SOLVED] kde look in gtk applications

There is also "debian-kde" mailing list, maybe it is worth to ask there, 
they should know better how to deal in testing with GTK+ based 
applications and their appearance :-?



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