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Re: cron.daily error for apt

On Sun, 4 Dec 2011, Bob Proulx wrote:

Better to use a mirror.  Take a look at the amount of bandwidth used
by the main site.  Wow!


   hi Bob,
   Actually, the increase is impressive
   I changed to one of the listed mirrors.

Right.  You removed it.  It is a conffile.  Therefore the system
respects your changes to that file.  Including removing it.  The
system views removing a conffile as an intended change from the admin
and preserves that change.

  I understand this behaviour for a removed conffile. but not for a modified one:
  I imagine that aptitude doesn't know whether this conffile comes from a previous
  version or not.
  Anyway, if it decides not to install the file, it should:
     asks whether to replace or not(cf below), or at least display a warning message.

To avoid that you can set the confmiss option so that it will install
files that have been removed.

 aptitude -o DPkg::Options::=--force-confmiss reinstall apt

I always set that option in my apt.conf file so that it is the
    this works, as the name suggests it, only for removed conffiles.
    To replace also the modified files, I added in apt.conf
     I think there was a time where this was the default with apt-get

   thank you for all the informations.

Pierre Frenkiel

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