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Re: cron.daily error for apt

On Mon, 5 Dec 2011, Bob Proulx wrote:

You said you removed the file.  You didn't say you modified it.

  Sorry, I forgot to say it.
  I did both tests. Actually, I removed the file after seeing that it
  was not replaced.

Of course asking is still the default for apt-get!  But you said you
were using aptitude.

  I said in a previous post:

       using "apt-get --reinstall install apt" gives the same result.

   It'a why I said that asking WAS the default, but is no more.
   To be sure, I tried it once more:

   1/ after moving apt.conf elsewhere, and modifying /etc/cron.daily/apt,
      I do
              apt-get --reinstall install apt
      I get no question from apt-get, and my cron file is not replaced

   2/ I restore apt.conf (with --force-confask),  and again
              apt-get --reinstall install apt
       this time, it asks me what I want to do.

Pierre Frenkiel

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