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Reboot and all I get is a grub prompt.

I haven't rebooted wheezy for a while... and there have been many
updates .. I'm not sure which ones have caused this problem but when
bootup starts I get to grub and immediately a prompt rather than a
selection screen.

It shows grub version 1.99 ?? something.. so is that grub2... It must
be since I do not recognize most of what I see.

For example, I can type `help' and a massive flood of commands flash
past leaving only the last screenful visible... there seems no way to
page this mess, so it is mostly useless.

Pressing <TAB> shows a gout of other commands with no newlines just
all in a blob. Given what I see, I have no idea at all how to proceed
or why this has happened.

OK, grub2 by itself will never let me see how to get booted.  Its
setup all wrong for that to happen, I mean how ridiculous is it to
offer a fountain of commands you can see for 1/50 of a second?  So
digging up directions from google..

  set root (hd0,1) (in grub1 that would be hd0,0)
  linux /vm<tab>

OK, now were talking... but whoops.. kernel panic  .. just
paraphrasing: `unable to mount root on unknown block'

What the heck has happened to my poor wheezy?

I'm bunrning a systemRescue cd now... but any suggestions will be most

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